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V-Ray Caustics in the Pool

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Today I show you how to setup caustics in V-Ray and getting this result:

In these years I worked a lot with live trainings (see here) and from the 2012 I will work online with you: 1 easy lesson per week we’ll learn a lot of things togheter.

This is our goal:
Give you easy, fast and comfortable knowledges about 3ds max + V-Ray + photoshop, every week.

Last year I wrote a post about Caustics here. It’s time to update those contents with an effective video and a couple of files to let you test and play with parameters. This is CG Blog Premium and for this time it’s free. Another gift for you… happy new year ^^

Watch, try, learn.



  • Important: disable Affect Shadows, to get caustics (this is not in the video!)
  • Enable caustics
  • Set Photon emit radius (V-Ray Sun)
  • Increase Caustics Subvids (Vray Properties > V-Ray Sun)



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30 Responses

  1. Sabahath Khan says:

    Thanks a loooooooooot Ciro Sannino,

  2. muneer says:

    nice tuts and superb presentation 😉

  3. Ana Carolina says:

    Love that! Thanks a lot!

  4. kartika says:

    I am indebted to you … 🙂

  5. Jennifer says:

    Thanks you very much…

    Is there a possibility that you could upload .3ds instead of?

    Thanks any way

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Jennifer
      it’s Done!
      a .3ds format has been added 😉

      • Jennifer says:

        Thank you so much!

        I work in Rhino v5 64bits and Vray 2.0 just came out for Rhino 5 and the only files I can open is 3ds..

        Your tutorials are great and they work just the same with Rhino 5 🙂


      • IBRAHIM says:

        Hall o sannino can i get this whole training CD as courier

        • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

          Hi Ibrahim,
          the training is in progress and we’re sharing it week by week for only 9$/month. When the course will be complete the final cost will be around 500$ (this subscription is just a special offer)

  6. saeed says:

    Thanks a lot

  7. claudiu says:

    greate 🙂 tnx

  8. mace says:

    Hehee, really handy workaround! Cheers!

  9. Aek says:

    Thank you ..

  10. ali says:

    thank you .

  11. Mazen says:

    too nice and thank you alot

  12. juanqui says:

    Great tutorial! thanks a lot

  13. jef says:

    Great tutorial! Short and powerful!

  14. Meli says:

    Grazie mille.

  15. maira says:

    amazing .. i love you toturial.. i wanna share with my friend..

  16. ghasem says:


  17. Ledian says:

    Good one! Thank you! Will be great if it was vray light for interior scene!

  18. dedy says:

    i am looking for this……..thanks lot

  19. perspectivista says:

    amazing tutorial, thank you Mr. Ciro

  20. Mondrian says:

    Gracias, thank you!

  21. Mondrian says:

    Gracias, thank you

  22. Tolga says:

    very good, :))

  23. Ata says:

    Thanks for this great tutorial.

  24. Love that! Thanks a lot!

    great tutorial.

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