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My render training

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I want to share with you a part of my life probably you don’t know: my render trainings.

The last july I was in Rome with 16 excellent participants! It was an exciting week with them: rendering and eating!

The best way to be part of my training is freeing your mind and sharing your knowledges.

1) Free your mind because my method is not based on experiments, this is typical for autolearning. Forum, tutorials, wasting of time… nooo! In my training you have to delete this way. My method  It’s based on photography tecnique and physic basic knowledges. Free your mind from bad behaviors.

2) During the training I share with all participants and them share their ideas each others. That’s sharing.

My mission is help users to improve their skill. Follow me on CG BLOG.
I’ll do my best.

* * *

GALLERY: images realized during the training.
Average lighting and materials setup: 7-8h

(many participants didn’t know anything about rendering)

rendering training

rendering training

rendering training

rendering training

rendering training

rendering training

rendering training

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32 Responses

  1. Craig says:

    Very impressive!

  2. sachin walvekar says:

    Great results.

    Liked the technique that you described……….for teaching……there is definite progressive improvement in results automatically as the observation skills are improved with regards to play of light in nature.

  3. muneer says:

    great work amazing

  4. omarpower says:

    wooooooow thank you

    very very much

  5. zhivko says:

    Definitely beautiful renderings ( some students are beatiful too – he he ) – looks like you are great 3D teacher !!!

  6. taufik says:


  7. CARLO says:

    amazing and looks real to me..
    i wish I can do that someday…

  8. CARLO says:

    a work of talented renderer…
    amazing and looks real to me..
    i wish I can do that someday…

  9. Akaradech says:

    wow…….I don’t to know 3d render. But it’s photography 100 %

  10. Amazing renders. I’m always shocked at how detailed and realistic some still shots can be. Dealing mostly with animation, movement always comes first. I love sites like this where you can take a moment and appreciate the time and effort a seemingly simple scene can take.

  11. Proestate says:

    Really good stuff – just discovered this site. Great work Ciro.
    Please keep good things coming .
    Great resource and thanks a lot!

  12. SHAFI says:

    sir can u mail me u r gmail id plsssssssssss

  13. umer says:

    its good
    plz give some tip

  14. kiran Narwade says:

    Great your method & Amazing Result.

  15. umar rauf says:

    Great resource and thanks a lot!

  16. pradeep kumar says:

    very nice sir.i want to know how to use this type creepers.its really nice.

  17. jordan says:

    hi ciro…great works!! it inspired me a lot.. just found this just started to learn 3d… and its really a great help for me.. thanks a lot..god bless!!

  18. mohammed says:

    hay ,, really great work man ,, i like what you did ,,
    thanks a lot for sharing all those stuff

  19. 26 says:

    You call forum and tutorial is waste of time? But for people who can’t or have got any chance to join your traning class (maybe too far away in different countries or similar reason), then only way to learn from blog and website. Which your cg-blog is also a nice tutorial site.

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi 26,
      generally, using “methods” without knowing “priciples” is a wasting of time.

      I think that tutorials is a wasting of time because tutorials don’t talk about principles, but just applications. I dont think that my training is the only solution… I think the people who want to learn, they need to study photography, phisics, art… need to know priciples! And AFTER enjoy tutorials (applications).

      As best I can (also with a really poor english!) in my blog i ALWAYS talk about principles and relative applications. Never just application as the most part fo the tutorials in the net do.

      Anyway I’m really happy for your reaction.
      I was looking for that 🙂

  20. rika says:

    i’m your fans ciroooo………go ciro go…. 😛

  21. m says:

    hi very nice
    see My render training
    u are realy master

  22. DSLR-A900 says:

    Il suo piacere di capire il vostro blog. Gli articoli di cui sopra è abbastanza straordinario, e mi è piaciuto molto leggere il tuo blog ed i punti che avete espresso. Mi piace molto ad apparire indietro su una base tipica, dopo molto di più all’interno del topic. Grazie per la condivisione di … continuare a scrivere!

  23. daud says:

    i always read your tutorial, it hepls me, thanks

  24. anjuzhere says:

    I want to learn v-ray right from scratch but do not know how to go about it…..Is there any way that you can help me out???:)

  25. kartika says:

    thanks very much … ciro

  26. hiren says:

    wow,,,thanx,,,,nice work,,,,give me any other link

  27. mehdi says:

    hello mr,

    I am a student of architecture in Algeria

    there is a lot of formations Vray but I have a little trismus Vray … I need Vray settings for image quality and image of especially building exterior.

    can you help me????

  28. Gourab says:

    Very nice Sir…

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