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Wich V-Ray version is fine for premium downloads?
The last V-Ray version is always the best.
By the way any V-Ray version is good for our tutorials and exercises.

- Wich 3ds Max version is fine for premium downloads?
Every version starting from 2009. It means also 3ds Max 2010, 2011, 2012.

– What questions can I ask to the support?
Support  is to help subscribers to benefit from Premium contents as better as possible.

– Where is the right place to ask questions about V-Ray, 3ds max or Photoshop?
Yes, we are happy to answer questions. Just leave a comment on a related post.
Of course you can give us more ideas for future contents.


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48 Responses

  1. vikoum says:

    I have a question concerning the videos. Can you define for how long we are going to have access to them? For example the videos from 10 mini lessons sections, are they going to be updated next month with some others, or we can have access every month to previous videos?
    If I am going to stay in this premium blog for a year, can I have access at the end of the year to a video you upload at the beginning?


    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Viktoria,
      you have access to all video until you are a subscriber because this is streaming service.

      10 mini lesson are just the basics and this mini course is done. I’ll fix and I’ll improve something but that’s it. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of the training starts the next week, on march. I invented a workflow: “5SR-WORKFLOW“, it’s a method in 5 steps and every week I’ll add a lesson on a specific step and related exercises. In this way every month I’ll apply the whole 5SRW to a different scene and you will learn how to apply the mothod in different situations. I’m sure you will enjoy my philosophy! 🙂

  2. mahmoud ebaid says:

    iam happy for being one of the members who can enjoy learning more & more from your website .
    and cant wait for the next week to start the 5SRW 🙂

  3. VIKTORIA says:

    hello ciro,
    I was looking for a tutorial you had about the resolution of the renders if you had to print a large poster, but I can’t find it.
    For my work, we usually use A4 paper or in extreme cases A3 for a book presentation to the client. How can I find what is the best resolution for an A4 render, if later I want to tranform it to an A3 size? Can I do this transformation through photoshop, instead of rendering from the start to an A3 size?
    Is 1240*1754 a good resolution?

  4. Stefan Siggemann says:

    Yep and I think the same mahmoud, thats why i am still awake and doesent understand this sss i dont know why but it doesent works like at the vidoes of a grape or something -.- I hope I will understand it in future. What I doesent understanding is where is the sss tutorial going from this page?

    Oh and thx to Ciro for his great Idea to helping out new comers.

  5. VIKTORIA says:

    Thank you Ciro!
    I think this might help other members too. 🙂

    I have one more question though. About billing. How are we going to be updated about our every next month charge for the membership?

  6. VIKTORIA says:

    Hello Ciro!

    I am back again with questions about the contents of this blog. :-))

    The scenes you will publish in order to learn the 5 steps you propose wil be only for interiors? Is there any chance to see an extertior scene too? (the approach of light balance with exteriors is a bit different)

    I have a problem when trying to use proxies. Can you make a simple tut for vray proxies (with plants or else)? Even though I have seen a lot sometimes there is something missins. Unless you have to propose a good one already published.

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Viktoria,
      probably the next scene will be an exterior, I’m not sure yet. But sooner or later we will work on 😉 Same for proxies, asap I’ll add a note in the knowledge base.

  7. VIKTORIA says:

    Thanks a lot Ciro!
    I have already start applying your steps to some hotel room scenes. Do you think it would be useful for premium members to have a place where we can upload some of the work we are doing, after your videos? In this way we would be able to see each other’s work (of course if other members wants to). As I said before, I don’t know if this would be useful, so it is just a proposal. 🙂

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Great Proposal VIKTORIA,
      I’ll think about seriously, I think this could help all Premium Members to work togheter on 5SRW. I promise I’ll think a practical solution… thank you!

  8. Stefan Siggemann says:

    A interior scene tutorial with Sun & Sky System and a Background through a Window with nice Sunshines or a shadow Opacity map to simulate a Treeshadow in a room will be nice.

    Because I have seen so many troubles with Background and Windowglass on Vray…

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Stefan, the next 5SRW will be a close-up, working in deep with materials. Anyway here some suggestion: 1) if you want to see foliage shadows in your interior don’t use any map! Just use a vray sun and put a tree between the sun and your room. just be REAL! – About reflection: you CAN’T see any reflection if behind your window there’s a bright sky (this is the reality), instead you can appredciate reflection in the windows when sky is getting brown because artificial light in your room will be stronger than the sky. This is main rule to manage reflecions. Thank you for your question I just noted to talk about after the close-up 😉

      • Stefan Siggemann says:

        I have setup a Interior but I have very mutch troubles, because the background is to bright the interrior with only Sun to dark and so on if u want i can send the scene and u will see my troubles. But I think thats to mutch that u have the time to check them out.

        • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

          Hi Stefan, we are working hard to create an excellent team for help users to achieve great images. It will be another service, with special prices for subscribers like you! All the best!

  9. Stefan Siggemann says:

    Hmm ok nice Idea, but I think if i will do it myself I will learning more XD. I am excited about the new 5SRW learning part 😀 Thx for your work and your help anytime…

  10. farah adilla mohd zawahir says:

    Hye Ciro.I try to adapt your lessons on lighting – settings,lights,etc. to my current project im working on.The rendering process was fine,not perfect,but better than last time – and im still learning ( with the help of your great tutorial ).But the problem im having here,the rendered images were ok when i save it,but when i open them again even in Photoshop for editing, the image became so dark and i just cant get the correct result i need after too much of editing – brightness/contrass, leveling, curving, etc just to make it bright enough to see.I really appreciate if you could help me on this issue.

  11. VIKTORIA says:

    Hello Ciro.

    I am working on a project right now and I have only 4 views of a building and a floorplane. I worked the floorplane in cad and I can use it in max, but I also want to use the 4 views of the building which are actually scanned images from old drawings.
    I have them in pretty high quality (they gave them to me to 400pixels), but when I import them as bitmaps to 4 different planes so as to use them as a guide and model the 3d, I almost cannot see anything from the bitmaps. They are very blurred and and at the end I cannot use them.
    Is there any way so I can use the bitmaps in max but not too blurry?

    Please help!



    Hi Cyrus, I have a problem with your website. I am a special member, have paid the fee for a year, do not understand how I can not download several videos or files, I get a text saying “Oops! Wrong Membership Level”. I do not understand what happens, I have successfully log in as usual. Please solve this problem.

  13. Stefan Siggemann says:

    Hi I want to know how can I do a Studio Lightning Setup for small Objects like Rings or something. Here u can see a render of it, i dont like the Blackspots on it. I hope u can helping me out, if u need the Scene I can upload it too.

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Stefan,
      HDRI is the best solution in these cases.
      My training about NAILS and PIGS adopt the same solution.

      About the TYPE of hdri I can’t give you an universal rule.
      Just try with GOOD quality hdri until the result satisfy you.

  14. Stefan Siggemann says:

    Allright I have found way, I have build up a bigger Softbox and one hdri thats all. I hope u like it

  15. VIKTORIA says:

    Hello Ciro.

    I have a problem exporting a max scene to a 3ds file. Working currently on a neoclassical building with lots lots lots of moldings and I want to save it as a 3ds file. I know the process, but after I select the option to preserve the co-ordinates, it pops up a message about some objects (it shows me their manes) that has too many faces and cannot be exported (I think there is also in the message the info more than 64K? if I am not wrong).
    Is there any other way that I can export to a 3ds with some preferences maybe about the faces or the polygons??

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      I’m afraid you won’t able to export sooo many polygons a unique .3ds file. It’s impossible. Try to create different exportations.

      • VIKTORIA says:

        I have already tried this.
        I broke my scene in 3 different files and they were exported just fine. I even reset the pivot point of all of them at (0,0,0) in case they would have been misplaced (I wanted to insert them in a different program, Relux if you have heard of it).
        Unfortunately I came across with another problem while inserted them to Relux and until now haven’t manage to solve it.
        Anyway, thanks for your reply!

  16. dexignerVis says:

    Hi, I’d like to add a suggestion about going over some exterior lighting/ rendering. That’s the area I fall short the most. Thanks. It’d be much appreciated.

  17. DesignLAB International says:

    i have used a hdri sky and a dome light in my exteriore scene . but there is no effect of shadow is coming . pls answer.

  18. DesignLAB International says:

    please send me best vray exteriore setting .

  19. DesignLAB International says:

    my exteriore render not good pls suggest and help me. thank u

  20. DesignLAB International says:

    hi ciro,

    best 3d plugins name required u have any so pls tell me more plugins name and use. thanks

  21. Anthony Greenhalgh says:

    Hi Ciro. Just wanted to ask: when assigning the renderer, what is the difference between V-Ray ADV and V-Ray RT? and when is the best situation to use each one???


  22. VIKTORIA says:


    May I ask when you are going to upload a new project/scene?
    It has been three weeks since the Villa T-Materials.

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