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Only experts can produce amazing renders?

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This is the story of Najith, a beginner producing great images! 🙂

He was inspired by this render (made from a V-Ray expert!) and modeled it from zero. But Najith is a V-Ray beginner and this was the render “BEFORE” my trainings:


(*) Are you curious? > > This is the render AFTER! Read all the post to know more!


How to improve it?

Only 15 days ago Najith  started studying on CG BLOG PREMIUM : at first “10 lessons to start“ (to start correctly with V-Ray, test, final and gamma settings) and the training “MINIMAL EXTERIOR“. I want to share with you some suggestions I gave him about Shot, Materials and Sky to improve his render.


(1) SHOT

The shot was not so bad, but we can improve the “3d perception” with simple adjustments:

  1. The camera was placed 2,5 meters from the ground >> Place the camera 1,5 meters from the ground. This create a more immersive rapresentation that increase the realism.
  2.  Camera focal lenght = 45mm >> Use lower focal lenght (30mm) to emphasize the perspective. Also move your camera on the right to show more right-side of the building.

Click on the image below to verify how these simple suggestions can improve the shot:





Creating basic V-Ray materials is very simple! In our course we have the lesson#8 and also a specific area for common settigs: V-Ray Educational Material. Basic reflecions are good, anyway in some cases it’s better apply a MAP to avoid uniform(=flat) reflections.

Look at this esplicit examples:

Najith applied maps to the exterior wood.
To know more read my post: “Improve your renders with reflection maps


(3) SKY

Sometimes poeple use the first “sky background” they found on google images: wrong! The sky is a really important element in the image and we need to find the perfect sky for our render. In this case the sky was not particulary interesting, with no “personality”:


A good sky can incredibly improve all the image! Now look this sky below.
Clean, with some nice cloud.. and especially with “personality”:



Najith’s render… “after”.

In 15 days Najith studied and applied my little suggestions. After a little work with photoshop this is the result:




Be expert means having experience and he just started with V-Ray.
The point is that you don’t need to be “expert” to produce great images. The experience will you get better and better, but everyone – with reliable, simple and right information can produce outstading works.

The goal of my trainings is making people aware what they do with V-Ray.
To achieve this result I follow my simple 5SRW method: “5-Step Render Workflow”.

If you want to start studing our method
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/ Also Learn Corona Renderer

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  1. Quinten Groenings says:

    Very nice. Also very inspiring to see this kind of improvement in 2 weeks. Well done!

  2. Muhammad Asim Junaid says:

    Excellent Work ……… Good Luck ! 🙂

  3. Ramin says:

    Hello Ciro Sannino its beautiful Render Real.Good Luck Master

  4. shahid ansari says:

    Good Render

  5. satpsh says:

    sir i defenatly join ur class for that i collect money i m vry glad ur keeping me in touch thanks

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