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All contents for this Interactive Course:

Relevant topics covered:

  • 3 lessons designed by a V-Ray Licensed Instructor®
  • 1h 20mins narrated HD Videos
  • Photography composition rules
  • V-Ray Sun/sky and V-Ray Physical Camera
  • Modify sky colors and correct distortions
  • Use V-Ray Real Time
  • Light balance analisys
  • Light Balance application
  • White balance for sunset
  • What is the Color Mapping and what is it useful for
  • How works Exponential and Reinhard Color mapping
  • V-Ray Real Time features
  • Draw region and Real Zoom
  • Manage Fresnel IOR for glass
  • How to use Fall off for fabrics and car paint
  • Create reflection maps
  • How to use Reflections render element
  • How to use VRayLightSelect render element
  • How to use VRayExtraTex for Ambient Occlusion
  • Affect channel option
  • Final settings for a clean render
  • Composite all layers in photoshop
  • Create Daily lighting
  • Create Golden lighting
  • 1h 20mins narrated hd videos
  • Max Scenes to download

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