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Blue Villa – Final Render and Post Production.

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In these lesson I’ll talk about Final Render and Post Production.



  • What is ExtraTex channel
  • How to use it for Ambien Occlusion pass
  • Improve irradiance map and light cache
  • What is “noise threshold” for final renders
  • Composite AO with photoshop
  • Add flares effects
  • 13 mins narrated video showing all the process
  • Final Blue Villa scene to download  / 120mb


Time to complete this lesson: 15 – 20 mins
This is the final image every student could produce after completing this lesson:


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18 Responses

  1. Reyan says:

    Hello sir,
    This is simply amazing, and undoubtedly u are the best vray tutor in this world.

  2. M'barek El baz says:

    good job Ciro Sannino tanks

  3. Sandro Fernandes says:

    Great Method… if you need a assistent i’m here…

  4. Sandro Fernandes says:

    I saw VRay Dirt AO Details and Areas in matl slots… how you use that… do you put in Override or waht ?

  5. jochenhelfert says:

    hello ciro,
    combining two versions of AO is simply brilliant.

  6. Farrokh Rostami Kia says:

    Thanks for your useful tips.

  7. Alessandro Nascimento says:

    Thank you Ciro,

  8. Carlo Martin Fernandez says:

    the AO and the post production process help me really a lot. Thanks for everything

  9. Cristina GUERRERO says:

    Wow the whole villa trainning is amazing! I can´´t wait to apply it all to my own scene 😀 thank you so much for your help

  10. Hi Ciro

    I have a question for methods of creating AO pass.

    What is the difference between the method you describe with Vrayedgetex for AO, or using Material overrride with vray dirt in vray global settings. (other than the posibility to get a seperate channel).?

  11. Thanks Ciro. You are amazing. That was very thorough described. 🙂

    But the only thing that irritates me, is that you haft to do two renders before you can do your post in Photoshop.

    My first render is with channels: RGB Color, reflectionm refraction, global illu, z-depth. etc.
    It is not possible to make an AO channel (vrayedgetex) with the same render, because you haft to make a seperate render where you turn off the glass in your windows.

    My second render (AO): Is with two channels with vrayedgetex. And glass turned off.

    Is there not a solution for this problem, so you only haft to render one time. It is not funny when you have a render which takes 8 hours to render.

    Is it possible to render a vrayedgetex (AO pass) without rendering the RGB color. To speed up render two.???

  12. Ciro you are amazing….again….. Just what I needed. 🙂

    And so effective in your workflow.

  13. Espen Tomren says:

    Hey Ciro!

    Great tutorials mate!
    A qick question : what irriadians settings would you use for a picture size 4000×2500 pixel? in (max and min rate) To get a good result.

  14. Malik Muhammad shahzad says:

    hi. thats good training. I like it deeply. Thanks

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