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Materials: Floor, Curtain and Carpets

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In this lesson I’ll show you how manage some special materials present in this scene:
Floor, Curtain and Carpet:


  • How  to simulate curtain and carpets
  • 2 HD Video – 10mins
  • Download the full 3D model
  • How to use VRay2Sided material
  • Fall off for opacity
  • How to use Hair and Fur modifier

Time to complete: 20 mins

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34 Responses

  1. ana chong says:

    OH niiiiiiiiiiceeee I can render carpets now!!! ^^

  2. Pulo Ges says:

    Great job Ciro! I hate looooong videos for few things… I prefer your videos: short and with a lot of information!!! thanks

  3. Armando Cgrend says:

    Good, really good… I love Premium.
    Congratulation for your work, Ciro

  4. mohamed nabil says:

    i like 🙂 .. thanks

  5. Kepa Atela Garate says:

    Hi Ciro would make a couple of questions, first when you explain how to make the ground wanted to ask if the plugin FLOOR GENERATOR, you can not recreate that kind of soil?, I know you will not explain how to make the ground but was curious know how to do it, my second question was, the carpet that recreate the image is different from us about hair and appearance we know in the next scene as did the final render? I find it interesting because you put in the scene needed to, and third question was whether the final render will know how you have applied the terms of the furniture with the details as they are not as you can that image in the furniture, i know how put texture and color but not as you have done this composition ….

    Thank you very much once again.

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Kepa, (1) about the floor I create the first little piece, then intanced it more and more times. Then I created a group and applied a little noise modifier to all group. (2) The video about the carpet is about how to manage carpets, in general. To see the specific carpet of the scene, check the final scene (It’s everything published) – (3) I hope I understood your question: to apply the textures to the furniture i used a simple UVW Map… check the scene. Hope this help 🙂

  6. Kepa Atela Garate says:

    Excuse me the questions Ciro I made just before it will publish the last two parts, then I have reviewed, it is interesting to know how you did the ground, it proves to me …. The textures of the furniture that I ask you, have created the you or you found? texture is hard to find so I guess.
    One last question as you see the folds of the bed, pillows and sheets so vividly? is some plugin? is something I’ve never been able to achieve that level of realism to give the linens and fabrics, it would be helpful to know.

    Once again thank you very much, do a great job

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Kepa, you’re right but I choose what argument clarify and what leave. I choose arguments in order to give a linear explaination. Actually I could write a book for every scene, but as you can understand it’s impossible. Believe me, if you only got in DEEP all I explain in every lesson I’m sure you’ll improve your skill quickly 😉 anyway I’ll keep in mind your suggestion for future trainings. And believe me, if you “seriously” learn only of how to balance lights you did 90% of all render.

      • Kepa Atela Garate says:

        Thank you very much Cyrus, you’re right and that should be how are you doing the course, would not seem heavy, just little things that sometimes I wonder as I do like the folds of sheets etc so realistic ..

        A greeting and thank you very much.

  7. douglas donizeti soares says:

    Hair and Fur great tutorial, has a tutorial on how to make vray fur style? Ths.

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Douglas,
      there’s no comeptition between hair&fur and vray fur
      HAIRandFUR is absolutely the best 😉

  8. OMARTOLO L says:

    Hi Cyrus had you made ​​a comment on this excellent tutorial but I have a problem, the command applies Hair and Fur, in viewers is applied but do not appear in the render hair as you do? follow all the steps and I can not do it, I need help me thanks

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Omartolo,
      you mean that you see it in the viewport.. bot not in the render?
      give me more details please 🙂

      • OMARTOLO L says:

        Hi Ciro That’s right. I can watch them on hair and fur in the viewports top, left and rigth or camera perspective, I can even make changes in fur, but when rendering, hair is not generated in the image, follow the steps in the video tutorial, the truth is not what happens, do I need to activate something?, I need some plugin? that’s up, I need help me and thanks for responding

        • OMARTOLO L says:

          Hi Ciro applying the hair and fur modifier to the object I can see that the hair is generated in every viewport (Top, Front, Left, perpective) so far everything is fine, the problem appears when I rendering the same object appears background without hair, as if he had not been applied to the switch, I’m using 3dmax 2011 and the version of the v-ray adv 2.00.01

  9. Roger Johansen says:

    Hi, have the same problem as omartolo, it renders the hair/fur when in default scanline render, but when i switch to vray and pysical cam it wont render the hair? just the hair/fur? (I have vray 1.5 max 2011)

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi ROGER, have you applied the 1st conpept about the video? > “choose Hair and Fur than “mr prim” as render engine (it works better with V-Ray)”

    • Ricardo Mangili says:

      same problem here
      It don’t appears on render.

  10. lim suhui says:

    i have same problem too:(

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Lim,
      what problem are you talking about?

      • lim suhui says:

        Hi Ciro the problem as just like omartolo, I can see them on hair and fur in the viewports top, left and rigth or camera perspective, I can even make changes in fur, but when rendering, hair is not generated in the image, same thing happened when i render the downloaded file from here. do i need to active anything plug-in? thanks!

        • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

          Hi Lim, what is your setting in effects(8)? “mr prim”?

          • lim suhui says:

            hi ciro, the problem solved when i try to changed the setting in ‘8’ from “mr prim” to “geometry” !the carpet texture appear~! thanks 🙂

          • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

            Oh-ohhh good Lim!
            Thank you for your suggestion.. I’m updating the post! 😉

  11. Reyan says:

    Hello sir,
    i have 3ds max 2012 and the hair and fur is not rendering at all
    but i can see it in my view ports but not rendering at all please help.
    I have gone through step by step to your video demonstration.

  12. daniel madrigal says:

    hi Ciro thanks for all your primium tutorials.
    i’m having the same problem with the hair & furr as some up there.

    i made all the steps carefully, i see the hair & furr in all viewports, i set all the carpet settings, the vray settup and mr prim. but when i render the scene there is no hair & furr. no carpet at all. just the box.

    im using 3d max 2011 32bits, v-ray adv 2.00.01

    thanks for your help

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Daniel,
      you should try with a more recent version of vray… 2.2 or better 2.3 😉
      let me know!

  13. Alejandro villar lluna says:

    Hi Ciro when I open the file redcarpet-mutant2010 apears a pop-up that says ” mising external files” The file is “texTools_checkermap_b.png”.
    Is this important.

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Alejandro,
      there’s more than 1 texture missing… but they are just rests of other tests and scenes. Nothing relevant fot this scence. In fact if you run the render you’ll see everything regular.

  14. Nuno Trindade says:

    with the amazing script… i think the floor it’s very real… don’t you think?

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