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Creating Photorealistic Floors

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Did you saw how realistic is the floor in Delicate Room? > CLICK HERE

This is because the floor is not a flat plane with a texture map but it’s modeled! Now I’ll show you how to create photorealistic 3d floors using FloorGenerator to achieve this results:


You also will see how create funny run-down floor like that:


To do that we need two free scripts, so register to Cg-Source (for free), then download and install:

  • SCRIPT 1: Floor Generator (to install it just click on MAXScript >Run Script..)
  • SCRIPT 2: Multi Texture (to install it, choose your 3ds max version, put it into “plugins” folder)


The good news is that FloorGenerator is soo simple to use!
You just need a standard 3ds max plane, then run the script as I do in this video: Enjoy!


NOTE: If you also want to map reflections do the same I did for diffuse. Click on “reflection” channel than choose “MultiTexture” and choose the relative wood-reflection-maps.

TIP: If you want to achive a perfect result the texture must have the same proportions of the pieces of wood.

ATTENTION: Assigning texture with “MultiTexture” you can’t see the preview in the viewport! You’ll see them directly in the render, so don’t worry!

Have a great day!



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  1. Pulo Ges says:

    Delicious… thanks Ciro!

  2. vinametal says:

    Awesome, tnx Ciro,… again and again

  3. ferovell says:

    amazing tut! thanks!

  4. Saeid says:

    thas cool

    thank you Ciro

  5. Mutli says:

    so simple and cool! Thanks!

  6. bob says:

    soooo coool.. Ciro

  7. Roger Johansen says:


  8. mohamad says:

    Nice i love it !

  9. Mihajlo says:

    Did some1 download some of the maps for the wood texture? If yes can some 1 share some info please or let me know where i can download?

  10. Hina Chitalia says:

    Hi Ciro,
    gr8 tut.

    from floor generator we can generate any floor – means wooden floor, marble or any tiles material floor

  11. Michael Nairn says:

    Hi Ciro,

    I don’t know why it’s always the simplest of things that I can’t get 🙁
    How do I get the floor generator to fit within the floor pattern and not just create a square shape of floor pattern.

  12. Yamit Aroya says:

    Hi ciro,
    I used the floorgenerator for an exterior scene abd gave it a texture using the multi texture. i’m using the vray rt to check the result and it shows no pattern. if the refl. color is black; it renders black color n’ if the refl. color is white it renders white color. what am i doing wrong? 🙁

  13. Pedja says:

    Hi Ciro,
    Help me about flooring yacht deck.

  14. hamid reza Zare says:

    Hi Ciro,
    Thanks .

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