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Simple simulation of the sea | V-Ray

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If you want to simulate Caustics with V-Ray con can’t miss my related post! 🙂

If  you want to simulate the sea with V-Ray as you see in the picture above? Download the free scene – LINK! (V-Ray + 3ds 2009)

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I’m also pleased to talk a little bit of this method. I often say in my courses: there are methods and principles. Who knows the principles always find the solution, but who knows only the methods (tutorials) will have many more problems!

What is the main principle in this case? The classic “noise” is not suitable to simulate the sea because the sea has some undulations, within which there are other small ripples, within which we have very small ripples … and so on.

Now that you know this principle, create a new image in Photoshop by clicking: Filter> Render> Clouds. The result is an image like this:

It appears with large areas of black and white, within which there are smaller variations of the same. Do not you think her behavior very similar to the sea? So use this texture in “displacement” channel of the sea material and it’s done. (The value of the displacement regulates the height of the waves)

About “sea” material: It’s nothing special! Dark green (RGB = 32,61,64) with fresnel reflections: when the angle increases, increases the reflections. I putted the sun inclined to emphasize the effect.


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  1. vraygroyp says:

    hi. thanks for your job.

  2. 3d models says:

    very nice thanks for share this.

  3. vragroup says:

    very good tutorials. thanks.

  4. PDEISCK says:

    were can i download vray for max 9???

  5. qasam says:

    thanx very simple and very useful tutorial

  6. midos says:

    It ‘s really nice! bravo

  7. begos says:

    displacement channel??? where can I find. thanks

    • Ciro Sannino - Author says:

      HI BEGOS!

      You need to know a little bit better “material editor”.
      Displacement channel is a simple channel.

  8. mandar says:

    Its really nice ……i love to work on max with vray…..and your tutorial is very helpful for me…thanks a Lot……..!!!!!!

  9. Sysve says:

    maybe just fractal noise in the max procedural map – noise type?

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