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V-ray: how to set a Diamond material

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vray material
Vray: Caustics or not caustics, that is the question?

If to set a scene with caustic effect+V-ray is so hard it’s better to find some videotutorial that explains us how to do that, isn’t it?

Sometimes I have a look on Tensun blog (sometimes because is totally wrote in chinese!!) and I continue to discover so interesting videotutorials! In the last one – Setting the plugin Fume FX – Tensun explained us the basic parameters of this wonderful plugin: now is the Vray Caustic time!

In this video you’ll find about refections/refractions, Fresnel option and procedural Falloff. Even if you know perfectly these parameters it’s better to repeat the lesson in any case…

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15 Responses

  1. sawan says:

    IT’s very nice tutorial . it’s help me a lot. please send me tutoriel like this. thanks

  2. fernando says:

    thank you very much that tutorial is very very interesting

  3. hargana says:

    What a interesting Tutorial! Thanks.

  4. Golf says:

    Thank you so much , Awesome Diamond, your Tutorial very useful for me …

  5. nazar says:

    very beautiful,

  6. Reenaz says:

    This looks wonderful, I have tried to make it but failed 🙁
    I downloaded the Diamondscene.zip file but its not opening, giving me some errors:

    Unknown class, no stand-in: SuperID=0xB60, ClassID=(0x4A0C66E1,0x1513165)

    I am a newbie do not know why it is occuring

  7. Cirosan says:

    Hello REENAZ,
    the error you get is related to the 3ds max version.

    it probably works if you use the last version of 3ds max (3ds max 2009)

  8. Venom says:

    THANKS !

  9. TUSHAR says:


  10. muneer says:

    hey nice tips thanks for sharing

  11. tavillodesign says:

    hola Ciro thkssss =) …. I cannot see the video =(… helpmeee…

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi tavillodesign!
      just download the video (by clicking on the link) and watch it.. if you have problems try VLC player 😉

  12. franck says:

    Nothing there just in italian love italian but no vray video

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