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Fume FX plugin: A powerful fluid dynamics engine

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fume fx test

FumeFX, a great plugin produced by Sitni Sati, is a powerful Fluid Dynamics Engine designed for the3d simulation and rendering of realistic fire, smoke, explosion, and other gaseous phenomena. It’s versatility, robustness, and intuitive workflow make it a perfect solution for even the most demanding tasks in the computer graphics industry.

The core in named VoxelFlow and it allows to reproduce physical phenomenons dividing the space in cubes called Voxels. Every cube is exposed to many forces and his movement is the result of a combination of physical forces, such as buoyancy, gravity, and pressure, and user defined forces.

No more details for now, just you know that the last release works for V-ray and FinalRender too! So interesting isn’t it?

But, how it works? Could I see some video showing me the basic settings?
YES of course!!


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7 Responses

  1. pavan shree kumar says:

    Hello sir,
    Iam pavan shree kumar fume plugin is veryextrordinayplugin.It is gift

    to 3d viewers it’s really powerfull plugin for 3ds max thank Q very much gave a

    good opportunities for users.I saw this plugin stage6 in divx site and Tensun tutorials

    site once again thank Q fume plugin Team Thank sir.

  2. Amith AV says:

    I’d like to test this plugin

  3. jasir says:

    Thanx a lot for you

  4. peak says:

    Thank you

  5. Aurélio de sá Barbosa says:

    Gostaria de saber como faço para baixar ou adquirir o Plugin( FUME FX)????????

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