Modeling the Chesterfield Sofa

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Today we are launching the PREMIUM section of the

To get things started I am going to show you how to model a beautiful, tufted,
Chesterfield style sofa with capitones.

This type of sofa is perfect for bringing a classic touch into your interiors.

To make a complex model like this one, you need to break down into elements. When you have a basic element, you can multiply them to make a large area.

But how to deal with the curving shape, corners, wrinkles, etc?
Watch the video and find out ūüėČ

You can also download the final .max file below the videos.

Next week we’ll talk about lighting and shading with V-Ray.
Today we start with advanced polygonal modeling:

  • Video pt.1:¬†Modeling the basic elements – 20′
  • Video¬†pt.2:¬†Modeling the back of the sofa – 43′
  • Video¬†pt.3:¬†Modeling the seat cushions – 15′
  • Video¬†pt.4:¬†Modeling the tacks and legs – 13′
  • Video¬†pt.5:¬†Adding more details – 20′
  • Video¬†pt.6:¬†Final Touches – 6′
  • DOWNLOAD the final 3d model

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11 Responses

  1. 3ddd-lv says:

    Wow…. great technique! great videos!
    I’m waiting for “rendering sof√†”…

  2. Arthur Gole says:

    Thank you guys… your premium is the best one!!!!!!

  3. Stephanie Esnault says:

    Hi, that’s great content !

    maybe you should call it “making of” instead tutorial, i mean it’s more about look how you work in real time than learn some specifics techniques applied to a practical exemple.

    anyway that allow me to see a different way to do modeling for this kind of model.

    good job guys, i’m impatient to see next model.

  4. Bert Leroy says:

    This is a great lesson to understand moddeling techniques. But i was stucked while mirroring the buttonplanes (treshold was 0.254 instead of 0.1) that cost me a lot of time.
    Not finnished yet with the model, but i’ll get there even if it’s hard for me. Already waiting for the next moddeling lesson. Maybe you good make a lesson for people who are not already that advanced like me :)

  5. VIKTORIA says:

    wow! Even if this is the first video with modelling techniques, it can show that Edit Poly is a magic tool when using it with turbosmooth etc.
    When I first had some lessons about 3ds max they told us that with edit poly you can do almost everything and is a powerfull tool but I couldn’t imagine that it could be SOOOO powerful.
    Beside this, I think that the sofa you choose to make, is an excellent choice!You used a lot of parameters that many do not pay attention to them.
    Keep this good work and share with us your knowledge! :-)

  6. Sara Davison says:

    Great job. I really appreciate your work. It is very helpful for 3d Modeling. Keep it up.

  7. SEED YASEAN says:


    Keep doing such good things. Many thanks.

  8. Jay Mehta says:

    Hi Ciro today is my second day and yet i`m not able to see any videos posted on any of the pages please help be bro ..I`m very much eager to learn and use this knowledge in my work..

  9. Alejandro Ramirez says:

    Gracias Ciro!! It wal long and painful but at the end I learned a lot of modeling techniques that for sure they would be helpful in future projects. Thank you very much!!

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