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V-Ray For beginners

Did you decided to start learning V-Ray?

So relax, I met so many people in my live training and I know all your weakness.
In this mini course I resumed  THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW to start with V-RAY.

These lessons will be your Mental Framework to understand the concepts of V-Ray.
Learn the basics and build a solid “Mental Framework”, then throw in everything!

Believe me, it’s easy.
You just need the right and 100% secure informations.


First of all we need 3 BASIC RULES you’ll never break:

RULE #1 – You’ll never modify things you can’t modify in nature.
For example you can’t modify the “Sun” intensity! So don’t do this in V-Ray.

RULE #2 – Every model will be in scale 1:1
Use the units you want (meters, inches, centimeters) but be in scale 1:1

RULE #3 – Put the lights where the lights are in the real world.
Don’t place lights everywhere just because you need more lighting.
( Usually this is an exposure problem and we’ll solve it working on the exposure.)


Listen to me,
don’t be superficial and take seriosly this mini training :

  • Respect the 3 basic rules
  • Watch the videos
  • Carry out all the exercises


I want to improve this mini training for you.
Please, for any doubt leave your comment below the specific lessons.

Thank you.

GO TO Lesson 1: Activating V-Ray ( 1’15” )

12 Responses

  1. omer says:

    Hi, Thank you so much for these mini training

    Its really helpful, I learned too much from it

    Can you please tell me what is scale 1:1


  2. Brenno Emidio says:

    The best training I ever received. Thank you very much.

  3. Boon Teck Suy says:

    Hi, Regarding the scale, when I set mm in the display unit scale, should I also set mm in the system unit scale?

  4. Yeoung Omar Nakashima says:

    In other trainings that I’ve been participated the instructor tell us that the units are very important when we are importing our models into 3ds Max is this true or not??

    By the way it’s a pleasure to be in this training!!

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      SURE Yeoung! It’s wat I affirm in RULE#2: “Every model will be in scale 1:1” – For example a door must be height approximately 2 meters. 200 centimeters is the same… in few words a door must be height as a real door is height in a real world. Personally I always check the doors to be sure my model in world scale 🙂

  5. Guillaume de Champeaux says:

    Ciao Ciro,

    I really appreciated your super discount on the 1-year subscription !!!
    There I am now, ready to start 😉

    (It’s not only the price but also your presentation of the offer that made me go for it)

    Grazie, merci, thank you (that will be the 3 languages I will speak !)

  6. claudia silva says:

    Thanks a lot for this training.

  7. Malik Muhammad shahzad says:

    Tell me the best unit set up . We doing all work in Feet , Inches

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Don’t worry! there no best unit setup… use yours, I think this is more comfortable for you.

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