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Cg Blog is  written by Ciro Sannino and CGworld.
On this blog you can find many free post and Premium exclusive contents.

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CGw is a network. Architects, designers, artists, bloggers and trainers with the passion for computer graphics and photorealistic visulization for marketing and advertising.




Has worked for 4 years as trainer. Currently he is involved in many projects to bring inovation into business through 3D. He has 2 official V-Ray certifications: Authorized Trainer / Certified Professional ®


* Our posts and Premium contents are focused on:
V-Ray / 3ds Max / Photoshop / Photograpy / Workflow

11 Responses

  1. Hey Ciro.. well .. i´m the first in post a comment so here we go: beauty girl.. and so smart too.. i like your blog.. is very cool… i agree.. The fantastic graphic world.. in my case i love all above CG3d… so i wish you all the best.. and you effort to bring us this page…thnks!!!

  2. Dmytro says:

    Hi Ciro, very relevant blog, I’ll be checking it.

  3. yope~ says:

    hey, nice blog!
    is very seldom to see girl interested in 3d and its more seldom to see a girl writting blog about 3d! anyway 1 love it and im gonna visit this site routinely

  4. jelmer says:

    nice blog, i’ll check back regularly here, feel free to visit my CG site as well, enjoycg.com, it’s mainly focused around 3ds max but you might find it interesting, if you do, don’t forget to register ;).
    It’s nice to find a CG girl for a change 😛

  5. Jak says:

    Hi? Ciro Sannino. You are most wonderful.

  6. Walid74 says:

    hey Ciro, Gr8 job…

  7. Ravi Iyer says:

    Woah ! such a great blog and only 7 comments , nehow i thank you for the various tutorials and methods u have in this site which is great help for a “newbie” like me .. Hope u are doing great ..

  8. Cirosan says:

    Hello Ravi, thank you so much for your words!! (-:

  9. Ricky says:

    Hey matte! i am here to just say hello, How r u man?? Great effort Ciro Keep it up.

  10. artcgway says:

    salut Mr, Ciro merci pour tout ces tuto gratuit j’ai énormément appris de vous

  11. waqas says:

    Many many thanks to ciro tyour blog is very nice. I many thank to you to send me leatest tutorial.nd your work is mid blowing.

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