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LSF – Lighting Sharing Format (meta-language)

What is LSF?
LSF stands for Lighting Sharing Format, and it’s the meta-language to communicate between users who use 5SRW method for photorealistic renders.

The scene must comply the 5SRW rules
Otherwise a review could be required to be accepted for LSF format.


To share your lighting in LSF, we just need 3 things.

  1. Your final render;
  2. A render with Generic material;
  3. A 3ds Max file, with just the 3d volume.

Take a look the the following example:


EXAMPLE – What to send

1 – Final render  (1500px width) – with NO POST PRODUCTION!


2 – Render with default V-Ray Mtl – (For glass: hide or assign glass mtl) / 1500px width


3 – 3ds Max File: 

The Max file we need is without: chairs, tables, sofa, materials, textures.. Nothing of this.
We just need your 3d volume housing:

(send it with rar or zip pack)

(contact us at "" for issues)

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