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Looking for an… english voice!

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Hi guys!
we are planning to create more and more training about vray, modeling ecc…
for this we are looking for an “english voice” to dub the new video lessons.



It does not matter if it is or not an english native speaker.
This person should have:

  • clear & comprehensible voice
  • basic knowledges in 3d
  • good pronunciation

If you want to be one of our speakers, please:

  1. read this text below as you were conducting a lesson
  2. record your voice
  3. send the sample in mp3 format to support@learnvray.com



« Go to the Customize menu… and click on Units Setup

A window opens, allowing us to assign 3ds Max a reference unit of measurement. This way, when we create an object, we’ll know exactly what unit of measurement it was created in

We customarily use the metric scale in our courses … So… select Centimeters from the drop-down menu

Next, in System Unit Setup, leave everything as it is and only change the value in the drop-down menu to Centimeters

Perfect… now let’s activate and modify some utilities to make our work easier

Go to Customize once again … and then to Preferences…

Don’t let this series of panels scare you. The only things we need now are all easy to use and understand

In the General tab, under Scene Undo… we can change the number of times 3ds Max can undo using CRTL + Z

As you may know, Photoshop for instance, gives us limited chances to retrace our steps and repair our errors. 3ds Max, on the other hand, allows us to decide how many levels we have available to go backwards

In my opinion… 100 is more than enough »


Thank you for your time!
Ciro Sannino

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