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Dark Living – Materials

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In this lesson I’ll talk about complex Materials.

LESSON#39 – Complex V-Ray Materials (Step3)

  • HD VIDEO / Narrated / 15′
  • MAX FILES to download with all the V-Ray settings
  • Uniform surface properties;
  • Mapping reflections and glossy;
  • Procedure to control complex mapping;
  • How to save in a library;
  • Subdivs in 5SRW;
  • How to light dark materials;
  • Light balance and Light reflections;
  • Quick proxy objects.

This is the image you’ll be able to create at the end of this training:


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7 Responses

  1. Effi Lang says:

    Awesome. Thanx : )

  2. Yeoung Omar Nakashima says:

    Hi Ciro, the image of the white sofa material configuration it can’t be view it, please reupload it again to see the configuration. By the way excellent lesson, Thanks!!

  3. Luis Carlin says:

    Cuando guardo los materiales en una nueva libreria y trato de aplicarlos en otro documento me carga los materiales pero los jpegs no los encuentra!! las texturas tienen que estar junto a donde se guarda la libreria??


    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Exactamente luis… tambien esta escrito al fondo della leccion: “Don’t forget to put them [max file and textures] into the same folder”.

  4. Patrick Tay says:

    nice way.thanks ciro

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