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TADAO ANDO 4X4 – Shot and Light Balance

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In this lesson I’ll talk about Shot and Light Balance


  • HD VIDEO / Narrated / 20′
  • MAX FILES to download with all V-Ray Settings
  • MAX FILES to practise / exercises
  • The lights hierarchy;
  • How to use an HDRI?
  • An easy approach for “Magic Hour” renders;
  • Vraylight Dome with Vraysky and HDRI;
  • How to save time with “VRaylights Substitutes”;
  • Use a V-Ray camera for chromatic contrast;
  • Exercise: produce the final render
  • Exercise: create the right night balance


Shot and Light Balance / Step 1-2

An image becomes interesting with the correct application of all elements. To create pleasing compositions using correctly the lights, is necessary to have a solid theoretical knowledge, we note as the 5SRW method have a logical, rules and it allows us to achieve the desired result by applying the same logic in every scene. In this case I’ll show how to use a VRayLight Dome with a VRaysky and HDRI (High Dinamic Range Image).

The Following images are the end result of this lesson, I will show how balance the lights, getting both lighting.


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13 Responses

  1. Stuart Simms says:

    Nice lesson with the use of different lights and temps. I appreciate you discussing some of the finer details of the use of the lights (like the angle adjustment settings).

    Thanks again for the lessons!

  2. Drahoslav Mizerak says:

    Great, Great, GREAT !!!

  3. Jay Padhya says:

    nice lesson!!!
    But I think – obj format & final scene links are same

  4. Mauricio Campos Vieira says:

    Great Lesson.

  5. Angelo Raralio says:

    Nice Lesson. Very well done. 🙂

  6. Hagen Gilbert says:

    My Max Crashes when I try to open these scenes, only happening for this lesson. Thoughts?

  7. Najith says:

    I cant find HDRI….!

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Right,there’s no HDRI. The lesson is based on “not using HDRI”, this here is just to give you an idea.

  8. As always Ciro! really great tutorials…

  9. Diaz Guerrero says:

    Hi ciro! first excelent video. about vray camera for chromatic contrast (white balance) you know something like a study for differents result? thanks.

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