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Minimal Exterior – Light Balance

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In this video I’ll show you 10 important points about daily exterior:
How to create a nice composition and control the light balance.


Contents for this lesson:

  • 1 HD VIDEO LESSON (15′ narrated by a certified V-Ray Trainer)
  • Photography composition rules
  • V-Ray Sun/sky and V-Ray Physical Camera
  • Modify sky colors and correct distortions
  • Use V-Ray Real Time
  • Light balance analisys
  • Light Balance application
  • White balance for sunset
  • Download the 3d model to carry out the exercise (80mb)
  • Download the completed exercise to check it (82mb)


After this training every student will be able to get this amazing render:

*Model was built from zero, but thank you Sebastian Tupper for inspiring me this great training.



Create the Shot and Light Balance

Enjoy this video and carry out the exercise.
Remember this is not a tutorial: this is a ‘Lesson’ with principles + applications.

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21 Responses

  1. Nattawat Nonkanunt says:

    Simple and Nice again 🙂
    thanks for Tutorial

  2. Angelo Raralio says:

    Hi Ciro,

    Nice tutorial! I learned a lot from this video. Simple and very informative. Will you also release any tutorials on creating and rendering walkthroughs or animations?

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Angelo, thank you for your words.
      I work a lot for making short videos with relevant information: it supposed we don’t have enought time but also need to improve.
      I’m planning someting about animation even if 5SRW certification is strictly related ot “photograpy + vray”.

      • Sandro Fernandes says:

        Hi master Ciro!

        Talking about the position of the camera, i have a question!

        When i have a tall building…. put my camera between 30 cm – 140 cm ? or not ?

        • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

          Hi Sandro,
          of course it’s up to you, it’s on your taste.
          I like 130-140cm because this allow you to clearly see the “lines” from the first floor. This has a really strong impact to the composition! Of course every picture has a different story to tell… generally this is a good rule.

  3. M'barek El baz says:

    thanks for Lesson

  4. Christian Mendoza Marquez says:

    Hi Ciro With tour videos is very easy to understand Vray and ejercise is so practive and concrete very useful and congratulation for your hard Work

  5. Sandro Fernandes says:

    Another Question master,

    What is the proportion of save and load calculations maps ? I wanna do a 1920 x 1080 image as usual i made my maps always half of the final image… okay… that’s right or can i do 1/3, or 1/4?

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Sandro,
      what do you exactly mean with “calculation maps”? Maps for texture, for GI or something else?

      • Sandro Fernandes says:

        For Gi Irradiance and light cache !

        • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

          If I understand fine you first create maps IRRMAP+LIGHCACH and after run the final render. Right?
          Why do you follow this workflow?

          • Sandro Fernandes says:

            Because somebody told me that is more fast !

          • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

            You can do the same choosing “medium” irradiance map instead of “high”.
            About light cache… it’s so fast, what’s the matter?
            Your workflow makes sense for animations, not for static images.

  6. Jennifer Shapiro says:

    Are there trees in 3ds?

  7. VIMAL M.P says:

    thank u so much ciro,really interesting…:)

  8. Labrini Karathanasi says:

    Very nice lesson Ciro. Good tips about first plane entry and to avoid a flat rendering.

  9. Stuart Mortiboys says:

    Hi Ciro,
    As ever, a very imformative tutorial. My understanding has increased ten fold since following you.

    Many Thanks

  10. Afkar Adam says:

    Hi cifu Ciro,
    Today is my first time of premium. Fantastic and very easy to learn the right way of Vray. Hopefully you can prepare another training/ tutorial for High rise building exterior either daylight and night view soon.

    Great thanks!

  11. Linkon says:

    All i understood is:

    One point perspective is always better. The camera should be placed at Eye level. Place something at the “Picture plane” to give easily the “Depth” of the view.

    are those all correct Sir Ciro? 🙂

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      that’s right Linkon! of course there are a lot of combinations and possibilities to get “deep” into your images, by the way all you’re saying it’s perfect 🙂

  12. Quinten Groenings says:

    These lessons teach me alot. I am glad i signed up for this. Thank you Ciro.

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