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Blue Villa – Materials

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In these lesson I’ll talk about V-Ray Materials.


  • V-Ray IES and V-Ray Light Materials
  • How V-Ray Light Materials works
  • Compesate exposure
  • Direct Light
  • Simulate water pool
  • Increase reflections with IOR
  • Lights underwater
  • Affect Shadows option
  • Create a reflection map form the diffuse
  • How reflection maps work
  • 3 narrated HD VIDEOS are included
  • Start and Final MAX FILES are included (exercise)


Time to complete this lesson: 25 mins
These are the areas and the materials we will work on:


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27 Responses

  1. Damian cg3 says:

    great Lesson thank you!

  2. Aldo Tor says:

    I really suprised how easy it could be in your tutorials!!!!!

  3. Annette fox says:

    hey thank you for this brilliant piece! your english is fine and understandble.. don’t worry and keep up your great work

  4. gustavo lamane says:

    Really effective lesson… I was also looking for a simple simulation of poolwater! thanku

  5. Farrokh Rostami Kia says:

    nice tuts again. but be careful to decease reflection effect while using bitmap, your reflection color has to be darker than most bright spot in your image. then you can reduce numeric value in maps section.

    Best wishes

  6. Asim says:

    Looking great ……… good luck !

  7. Labrini Karathanasi says:

    Really good lesson. Easy and practical. And your English is just fine, the narration is good !!

  8. Reyan says:

    i was really waiting for it
    thank you again

  9. VIKTORIA says:

    Hello Ciro! Wonderfull tutorial as always!
    I am a little confused about the fresnel reflection. In which cases I should not use it?

  10. gil halamish says:

    what did i miss? i cannot locate bitmaps of final file materials

  11. M'barek El baz says:

    what is the best graphics card to handle thousands of polygon?

  12. Benny Lay says:

    I’d like to ask u why in my vraylightmaterial parameters doesn’t has “compensate exposure” option? There is only ” emit light on back side” option……I’m using V-Ray Adv 1.50.SP5 and 3DS max 2011…..tq

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Yes Benny, this option appeared in vray 2.0 – Anyway you can just increase multiplier, it is absolutely the same.

  13. hamdan mat talip says:

    i like this tutorial very much…nice tips thank you.

  14. Paul John Mamiit says:

    very nice tutorial! 🙂 Ciro can you kindly show how to put the camera placing specailly in the interior with small amount of space? how can you show the large area without that much distortion on the scene? thanks in advance!

  15. Christian Mendoza Marquez says:

    hi Ciro

    where I can find vray presets that I may be more practical to move from one set of final render one test?

  16. Hina Chitalia says:

    Hi Ciro,
    very nice tutorial.
    I assign light material on object but when render it looks gray . (also tried different colors & increase intensity ,however it looks gray.
    & earlier I told about —- I can’t render in v ray 2 .when I start render immediately one click & then nothing is render.
    I have free version of 3ds max 2011 & demo version of v ray 2 of choas group.
    plz tell me what i have to do? because I can’t practice any exercise.

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Hina,
      about which file are you talking about? Probably you have a flag to “override material” (render panel(F10) > V-Ray > global switches). Let me know 🙂

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