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Nails – Light balance and Reflections

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Let’s start STEP 2 of 5SR-Workflow® : Lighting.
In this lesson we will talk about:

  • Creating global lighting with HDRI
  • Creating basic metal chrome for Nails
  • Using a V-Ray Light to create nice reflections
  • Learning how to fix black splotches

If you don’t know these topics below, take a look before to start this lesson:

Step 2: Lighting and more


This scene does not have complex lighting, but the important thing in this case is to create nice and catching reflections. This is because we have a metallic object. The easiest way to create a good global lighting with nice reflections is an Hdri map…

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17 Responses

  1. Pedro Carroso says:

    You contens are amazing, it’s the first time I find “lessons” on the internet… this is really educative. Gracias.

  2. mohamCG says:

    Beautiful, great lesson, I’m learning sir…. Thank you!

  3. Fer Gutierrez says:

    super lesson, thank I enjoyed it.

  4. Marcel Fagin says:

    Nice tutorial and lesson, I like the possibility to carry out your exercises.

  5. Ivan3d says:

    Mr Ciro, you saved my life teacher!

  6. Ivan3d says:

    Just 1 question, where can I find an hdri for the exercise? thank you.

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Ivan,
      don’t worry for the exercise because when you download the “START” version you’ll find a nice HDRI inside. Have a fun 😉

  7. FATiH KADIOGLU says:

    NAILS STEP2—FINAL links eror

  8. Roger Johansen says:

    Hey! and thanks for another great tutorial!:)
    I just have a problem with sRGB, its a button at the bottom of the renderview, when its not turned on it looks good, and turn on..not so good, but when I save the file as TIFF it always turns out as if the sRGB butten is turned on? What to do? hope you understand my bad explenation;)

  9. Stefan Siggemann says:

    U gave a Question about hte Glossiness, if I Render the final file of the Nails i have at the glssoiness artefacts like bad antialaising. Here check the link pls

    How can i fix that?

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Stefan, this artifact is not for glossy: is related to the overexposure/antialiasing. If you reduce the exposure in V-Ray Frame Buffer (you can do this after render) you’ll see the artifact disappearing. In this case don’t care for this because in the next lesson we’ll apply maps to reflect. (I’ll talk in future about this)

  10. Naser Zahmatkesh says:

    when i click
    Click here to see the Light balance analysis
    it says
    This image could not be loaded
    what is wrong?

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