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Nails – How to randomly place objects in a few seconds.

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In this new lecture series of 5-Step Render Workflow®
we will talk about:

– Step 1: How to use the amazing “RayFire” plugin for falling nails

– Step 2: Combine correctly HDRI and V-Ray Light for perfect metal reflections – soon

– Step 3: Use material channels to create a complex VRay Material  “old steel” – soon

– Step 4-5:  Final render and V-Ray Lens effect for realistic bloom effect – soon


TITLE:  “Macro picture with V-Ray”
This is the final result you’ll be able to reach after the 5 steps of our method 5SRW® :

( This is rendered with V-Ray – Hyperrealistic Nails )

Let’s start with the step 1

Placing this kind of object randomly is really boring and time consuming, and also it isn’t artistic. So we need to find a way to do it as fast as possible: we can easily do it with RayFire.

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29 Responses

  1. Arthur Gole says:

    Thank you I need it many times!
    RayFire demo is great… I think I’ll buy it.
    thank you.

  2. Tim Pet says:

    You’re right… it’s easy, lovey easy!

  3. VIKTORIA says:

    Wow! I am speechless! 🙂 Nice video Ciro, thanks!

    As always I come back with questions… If I want to make a stack of leaves or a stack of books (some opened and some closed) do I have to assign different elements as you did for the nails? If yes, what my different elements should be?

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Thank you Viktoria for your kind words!
      No, this “element” are just to help RayFire with the convexity. In other situation there’s no difference, you can model as you prefere.

  4. 3ddd-lv says:

    Thank you, it’s AMAZING.

  5. Marta Noras says:

    Hey Ciro I always searched for a simple way to do that… I like your way, you saved my life ^^

  6. Mohammad81 cg says:

    oh-ohhhhhhh *_*

  7. Kepa Atela Garate says:

    Hi Ciro, I just download the three programs to the first step, but I have a problem, install rayfire good, PhysX engine installed fine, but when I install NVIDIA_PhysX_For_Autodesk_3ds_Max_2012_64bit, which is corresponding to my 64-bit version of 3dsmax gives me a message Error.

    I have installed in the correct order but still tells me that PhysX is not installed, when i see this does not appear rayfire installed in 3dsmax, do not understand why (if I can you tell me how you send the error message)
    Thank you.

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi KEPA,
      I’m not expert in these technical questions, but the first thing you could try is about windows? Is it updated?

      • Kepa Atela Garate says:

        HI Ciro thanks for your prompt response, windows is updated to today and the graphics card also QUADRO 600, I uninstalled all programs RAYFIRE, and put the other two to download, I have reinstalled and I was the same, could install all but the last, I get an error message that says the software is not installed when if this …..


        A separate question that, to do the calculation with rayfire nails are falling and do not collide and the smarties not even collide I fall completely, use the same system in both the bald collides although algunco falls but the smarties do not collide .


        • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

          Hi Kepa,
          for technical question I hardly suggest to contact a specialist, or.. try over and over. In my case it worked the first time. About the 2nd question are you using tollerance 0?

          • Kepa Atela Garate says:

            Hi Ciro, thanks for everything, I found something that may be related to the problem and if you do not mind I put the official link, for those who can pass.

            Tolerance as you indicate I have it set to 0, but still continue to fall THROUGH the floor and the smarties too, but I’ve noticed in the video tutorial also pass through the soil nails, it is correct that to happen?

            Thanks for everything and hope not to bother with my questions.

          • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

            Thank you Kepa.. I updated the post with this useful link 🙂

  8. Paulo Lope77 says:

    Nice tut Ciro, I installed RayFire and I’m trying the exercises… everything works perfectly!!!

  9. mahmoud ebaid says:

    thx Ciro
    very nice start , im waiting for the dominos solution to assure that mine is ok 😉

  10. Farrokh Rostami Kia says:

    First of all i should thank you for this nice placement and physic technic. Just have a question about editpoly part. Is it neccessary to have two different element in nail object? Or its just the way of your modeling?

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Farrokh,
      you need 2 elements in edit poly for a correct rayfire simulation. If you have a convex object this is the only way to get a perfect result. Please check the point 4 of “CONCEPTS TO USE RAYFIRE FOR SIMPLE COLLISIONS”.

  11. Ricardo Mangili says:

    Hi Ciro

    Another great lesson! thanks a lot
    but… could you show us how to model the nail?

    Abraço! (translating: hug!)


    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Ola Ricardo, tudo bem? 😉
      in the future we will publish some modeling, but this website is dedicated to Renders with a photography approach. Thank you for your suggestion! I’ll keep in mind… Ciao! 😉

  12. JRR says:

    Hi Ciro,
    on this page :
    “2 – Download and install PhysX engine (last version)” Link is dead…;(

  13. Nuno Trindade says:

    my smarties explode… i already compare the values with the final version and i didn’t find the difference…

  14. Muhammad Sierawan says:

    Thanks Ciro

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