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70s Scene – Vintage Post Production

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Let’s start STEP 5 of 5SR-Workflow® : Post Production.
Here it is what we’ve done so far: Basic 3d Model(1) > Light Balance(2) > Materials(3) > Dof and Final(4)



Today I’ll show you a really simple and professional technique to get a vintage effect.
After this lesson you’ll be able to produce this kind of images in Polaroid Style:



STEP 5: Post Production

There are many ways to get this result, but in my experience the best and professional way to reach this kind of look is resumed in two fundamental steps. Follow the Video and the vintage look is guaranteed.

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15 Responses

  1. Cg lucas bra says:

    Hey Ciro, I really aunderstand the value of your training. I’m learning a method.. finally… it’s the first time I feel i’m learning from the web! Thank you again for your genius!

  2. Arturo cglimen says:

    Thank you for another great lesson… I started an yearly subscription, thank you thank you! 🙂

  3. ana chong says:

    Wonderfuuuuuuul thank you… i’ll try the exercise wit one of my renders.

  4. mohammed1974 says:

    Thanks bro

  5. Jennifer AA. says:

    Hello mr Ciro,
    finally a lesson about post production, I was waitin for that… but I have a question for you. Can I use curves(blue) to get the same effect? Thank you again

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      yes of course you can but curves also changes luminosity/saturation at the same time. The professional was is keeping separated the action: 1 action for blue dominant, 1 action to bright. This kind of approach was inventaed by Dan Margulis (probably the best photoshop guru in the world) 15 year ago and is used still today.

  6. Paulo Lope77 says:

    I always loved this style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Roger Johansen says:

    great! Cant wait for the next 5step tutorial!! 😀


    very nice…

  9. DerLandvogt says:

    Greate one! Thanks a lot.
    btw. cool backgroundsong :o)

  10. anil jadhav says:

    goooooood job best rendering

  11. aamir khan says:

    dear sir i created paw and i want to create it’s nail crow like with help of spline extrusion but facing problem could you help me..

  12. Yeoung Omar Nakashima says:

    Super excellent!! Finally Post-production and explained by the easiest way!!
    Thanks a lot Ciro!!

  13. Muhammad Sierawan says:

    Thanks my teacher

  14. b_arch_5 says:

    veryyyyyyy gooood.
    how to join to your site…..???

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