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Xmas bells: Modeling and Rendering

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Hi guys,
it’s Austris writing here and this is my first post on Cg Blog:  nice to meet you! 🙂

I’m here to share with you my technique to model Xmas bells in 3ds Max. In the last 5 minutes I will also arrange a simple lighting and set up materials to bring life to the scene with V-Ray.

From January 2012 I’ll make special contents only for Premium Subscribers. I’m really excited and I’m sure we will grow together during the new 2012 – week-by-week – with our non-stop training.

Ok, there are no many things to say anymore, my way of teaching is with video tutorials, so just watch this free video and download the Final Scene to check & play with my settings.

Austris Cingulis

This VIDEO should be only for Premium Subscribers..
Never mind.. today is free! It’s our Xmas Gift for you! 🙂

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/ Double click the video to view in full screen.

/ Also Learn Corona Renderer

16 Responses

  1. Chester Quipot says:

    Hi Ciro,

    This is great!!! Thanks for sharing this vid. Hope to see more. Very educational.=)

    Best Regards,

  2. satish india says:

    hertly regards to u n family

  3. jeffy says:

    Great video tutorial, wasn’t really looking to make xmas items, but it has really helpful techniques for other things, thanks

  4. Ciao Ciro, grazie per questo tutorial.

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Ciao Fabricio, per questo devi ringraziare Austris… da poco mio partner al 50% di tutti i contenuti di Cg Blog 🙂

  5. sofirinaja says:

    thanks ciro..thats gr8 tutorial..tq so much..:)

  6. hitu says:

    how to download this video ????? ,,,, its really helpful for me ,,,,, i learn much more by this

  7. inner says:

    thanks ciro very nice tutorial thanks thanks thanks……

  8. stenionet says:

    Thank you, Ciro Sannino.
    I wish you success in 2012.

  9. noevie says:

    Thank you very much Ciro and more power and success to your 2012 blog:)

  10. Marwa says:

    Hey, I can’t find this link >>> https://www.cg-blog.com/index.php/2011/12/11/video-poligonal-modeling.htm

    why did u remove it?? 🙁

  11. Effiong Lolang says:

    Two of my favorite instructors in one place, this is a dream come true. I shit you not Ciro. Yesterday i was thinking to myself, if only Ciro and Austris would work together. And today i find out you do! Just brilliant.

    Ciro you have an uncanny talent for simplifying the complicated, and not only that but in 5 to 10 minutes. The quality is top notch.

    Austris is a magnificent modeler and proven texture artist.
    I really want you guys to come together using the 5 step system and push out more interior design educations.

    – How to balance scenes with complex light plans etc.
    – More info on background planes
    – And more tutorials on how to achieve post-processing effects like those seen in works like Benoits and Guthrie. Austris knows what im talking about, i send him an e-mail recently asking for some post-processing assistance. (Effi)

    Lastly. This website is a godsend. I consider myself a very experienced user, but i am always hungry for more and you guys keep bringing it.

    Please consider including a EARLY PURCHASE FEE, for Premium members who want access to new trainings before their release dates. I would gladly pay an extra months worth of subscriptions fees to get my hands on the new interior night scene you guys are putting out.

    Great stuff and once again thanx : )

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