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Roofs: I hate wasting time building them! Put all the tiles can be exhausting, although virtual! I really don’t like losing precious time, for a process that could simply be automated.

A popular plugin for this kind of applications is Roof Designer. A tool and extremely well done.

But lately I’ve been able to try ATiles, a free script, really fast and easy to use! I strongly suggest you install and try it: you will be wondered for simplicity and speed with which
can play your roofs. But not all, with this script you can easily build even floors, walls, fences .. a lot of things.

Every object could be replaced with your customized object: what are you waiting to install it? 🙂

As just one example, the roof down, I realized it (slowly) in 5 minutes! It ‘s a script to definitely install! 🙂


All the infos on the script can be found here: AVizStudio Tools> ATiles (also download)

The script can be run directly from the menu:
MAXScript> Run Script …> AvizStudioTools_ATiles.mse

Or it can be installed by copying the downloaded file in:
C: / programmi/autodesk/3dsmaxXXXX/scripts/startup ( I prefer!)

In this case, after you restart 3ds max, I find him among the instruments of creation:

In the following video you’ll see how it is possible to create many other interesting things with this great script. Watch the video!

Note: While picking third point hold ALT to automatically change the tilt angle base on the snapping point. It’s a great tip!

(Also download ATiles script from here)

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23 Responses

  1. Ganesh Karade says:

    It is really nice concept

  2. kudit says:

    awsome man ! thx.

  3. Gerrit says:

    Hi Ciro,

    thanks for the tut! Very useful.

  4. sam says:

    thnks buddy ., it’s really greate!!!!!!

  5. creatrief says:

    Should try it…
    what about Batzal Roof Designer ?

  6. ROBSON says:

    Professor gostaria de um vídeo tutorial
    de modelagem de personagens cartoon 3dmax gostaria de fazer
    conto com vocês e mais se for possível gostaria de tem o v_ray para 3dmax2010
    quero também fazer maquetes fico grato se me atender bom trabalho
    Robson farias da ilha do marajó na amazônia.

  7. Alex says:

    Great tip and nice plugin, easy to use and fast results 🙂

    thanks for sharing Ciro!

  8. SHAHNAWAZ says:

    Thanks atiles is a great tool.
    these days i am worry about lighting and rendering 3ds max. how i can acheive a realtime lighting ,rendering in max
    l love animated movies . realtime rendering,lighting ,colors correction etc.
    please help me if you can.

  9. ranjan says:

    it’s really greate!!!!!!

  10. papayak04 says:

    relly great! i like it so much! Thanks

  11. indera_archdesain says:

    thank a lot…Ciro

  12. muneer says:

    always rocking sir thanks a lot 🙂

  13. Ricson says:

    thank you so much!!!!!!!! you’re a hero!!! hahahahahha super like….

  14. satom says:

    thanks Ciro! really helpfull tools!

  15. Mark says:

    Nice one – thanks!

  16. menoo says:

    nice jop you are good man

  17. sopian says:

    ok thanks so match….

  18. Aleem says:

    awesome tool……thank you Sir Ciro sannino, ur tutorials always helped me…

  19. easy to use and fast results, thanks for sharing Sir Ciro sannino

  20. wawan says:

    thanks.nice tutorial….

  21. Asim says:

    Thanks a lot………. V. Useful as usual ………… Good Luck !

  22. Amar Deep Poddar says:

    awesome tool easy to use and fast results, thanks for sharing Sir Ciro sannino

  23. muchas gracias ciro, genial

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