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My 10 tips for Photoshop

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Photoshop tips – Everyone has his own tips and secrets. I know that some tip related to photoshop is always a good news so I decided to post here the shortcut and tips I usually use to speed up my work.

I recently also added some other tricks and I want to share this tips with you!. It’s about 10 photoshop’s tip you can’t miss. I hope this will help you with your work!

1) Isolate a level – Hold the ALT key and click on the eye that indicates the visibility of a layer. The leyer selected will be that the only one visible. A fast wat to isolate the level you’re working on.


2) Finding the cursor – Sometimes we can lost the cursor, especially in very large images. Simply press and release the spacebar. The cursor will change its appearance for a moment, revealing himself instantly.

3) New merged levels – Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E all visible leayers will be merged in a new one (great tip!)


4) Opening Styles – In order to open all styles just press ALT and click on the arrow next the folder icon. It’s great to open all styles in a simple clic.



5) Special Undo – With Control+Z you go back one operation, repeating the operation it returns to the starting point. But by pressing CTRL + ALT + Z will go still further back in history.

6) Fast Opening – Double-clicking in the gray background of photoshop will open a document quickly, but if you hold down CTRL you will create a new document.


7) Change Tool – Hold the ALT key and click on an instrument in order to change it. For example switch brush to pencil tool by clicking on the brush tool, holding ALT key.


8 - Document Center – This is just an idea. To find the center of the image just select the background layer and press Ctrl + T. We don’t need transform anything, just look at the cross and mark it with rules.


9) Fast zoom – Use CTRL + 0 to fit the image to the screen. Use CTRL + ALT + 0 to restore 100% zoom.


At last but not least, my favourite photoshop tip:
10) Drag and drop an image into another by holding SHIFT. The image will be placed in the middle.

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9 Responses

  1. zhivko says:

    cool tips – thanks
    however ctr+shift+e also merging visible layers at one 🙂 ( without alt )

  2. Ciro Sannino - Author says:

    Hi Zhivko, I feel sorry but
    it’s not right what are you saying.
    << Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E all visible leayers will be merged IN A NEW ONE. >>
    —> “In a new one” is the BIG difference.
    Did you tried the difference with or without ALT Key?
    This is great tip to me!

  3. zhivko says:

    ooooops you are right Ciro 🙂
    I did not pay attention enough to your typing.

    Once again sorry 🙂

  4. Eric says:

    And press CTRL+Clic in one arrow next the folder icon and all folders of your file are open.

    Et pressez CTRL+Clic sur la flèche juste à coté de l’icône du dossier et tout vos dossiers s’ouvrent d’un coup.

  5. LillianH says:

    Thank you for the handy tips. I will make use of a few of these for sure.

  6. Michelle says:

    hello Cg blog,
    Nice tips, I would love to have some of your tips added to my site. please send me an email and let me know>

  7. George says:

    thanks! couple more:
    – when making a selection, press the space bar to move the selection to another starting point.
    – when applying a filter, you can go to edit > fade to control the amount of opacity of the filter you just applied

  8. viktoria says:

    great tips!

    I already tried them and I am sure that will help me a lot. Especially the new mergred layers, the document center and zoom to 100%.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  9. Rok says:

    What about if you use render elements with VrayWireColor and then you decide what to change? Does it work the same…

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