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How to Make Tileable Texture

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Duplicating textures is sometimes complicated. Non-uniform textures show their duplication with evidence. This often happens when we use picture taken from our camera or downloading non-tilable Texture (mostly free).

The problem is not the whole texture, but specifically its luminosity. There’s a simple technique with Photoshop to get a uniform luminosity.

Use a photoshop filter called High Pass Filter in Lumonosity blend mode.


Check the video below to see the process in detail, and after carry out the exercise :

Resume – The 3 steps to balance luminosity:

  1. Duplicate the layer
  2. Apply it Filters> Other > High Pass Filter (choose the right vaule in order to preserve details)
  3. Assign it  “Luminosity
    ( If needed, add a Curves to balance loss of contrast)

Here a simple workflow to understand how to arrange the levels on Photoshop:

DOWNLOAD THIS PACK and repeat the exercise.
For any doubt, check “FINAL” version.

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  1. kliment says:

    Great Tutorial! thank you for saving me so much time!

  2. Haha, another great trick, I’m glad I found this website. Thanks!

  3. muneer says:

    very nice tutorial

  4. Ciro Sannino - Author says:

    Thank you guys 😉

  5. nasir says:

    thanks alot its very helpful.

  6. juan says:


  7. abhishake rana says:

    nice tutorial sir

  8. esra kaplan says:

    thanks a lot . it s great trick ! so usefull!

  9. elias says:

    thanks Ciro

  10. Daniel Dias Badaro says:

    Muiiiiiiiiiiiiiiito Bom.Você caiu do Céu. me foi muito útil.

    Um grande abraço a VC e atodos do Blog.
    Aguardo mais materias.

  11. Kiran Narwade says:

    Thanks Sir, Realistic And Nice Tutorial

  12. arch515 says:

    Nice, as and the whole idea of side, auxiliary material never not for many.:)
    I greet.

  13. filmilm says:

    thanks..very helpfull..!

  14. Frink says:

    This was simple and very useful. Keep on posting!

  15. Armin says:

    thanks sir, very useful tutorials;)

  16. bachan kumar singh says:

    thanks for this tutorial……..keep it on.

  17. peprgb says:

    Great stuff Ciro, i saw many info about the Offset filter but this issue/solution is new for me, thanks!!

  18. Xiao Hei says:

    Thanks Ciro. If possible, it would be great if you can include some very basic-beginner level lighting tutorials 🙂 It’s difficult to find such tutorials.

  19. Dreadstunlock says:

    This will not work on rock textures….

    Prove me wrong please 😐

  20. there is always the offset filter in photoshop to “cure” the seams

  21. Sean says:

    this is a good trick for correcting the overall lighting of a texture, for larger details like tile gaps and rock creases, use the offset filter to stamp the seams.

  22. Luis says:

    Thanks! nice and easy tutorial, it’s a very practical way to set some old textures to work better.

  23. omerkako says:

    Very nice tutorial

    I was looking for it


  24. pawel says:

    Thx for this, super stuff.

  25. Andoni says:

    Dude. That is not how to make a tileable texture. The correct way is to use the offset filter and then clone stamp out the middle seams.

    • Ciro Sannino - Auth says:

      Hi ANDONI,
      as many users you didn’t read the introduction:
      « ..what if we have a texture and the brightness is not uniform? »

      If the problem is non-uniform brightness this is a good the solution.
      What you are saying is another solution, for other problem… and also your solution does not work fine in certain situations.

  26. sameer says:

    I cant’s see your posted videos it’s get stuck in between only.

  27. Ashley Matthews says:

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  28. umesh says:

    thank you very very much..

  29. saeed says:

    Thank you for the exercises that you’re offering.
    I love to show you my work and let me tell my problems.
    And if you watch a part of our work is done problems to tell us what good work I think we’re apart from your friend
    We’re waiting for more exercises

  30. Tanya says:

    Hi Ciro! This technique is stunning, great and necessary for me. And it is impossibly simple. And it is fast too. I like your blog. Thank you for your lessons.

  31. Chris Wade says:

    Hi Ciro, Excellent, I have used this technique today perfect result….

  32. Peter says:

    Good tutorial, as usual,

    Still have a question though, Where is the ” Assign luminosity ” function?
    I use Photoshop 7, so I am not sure if this is available…


  33. Mauro says:

    Excelente tutorial, muy útil la verdad estaba buscando algo como esto. Gracias

  34. Munnaz says:

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  35. mahyar says:

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    hello sir i am from India thank’s for this texture details is very important

  37. sandro says:

    PS and theirs interesting filters! thanks so much Ciro Saninno.
    i gona to use to my works

    saludos desde PERU!

  38. UzMaster says:

    Очень нужный и полезный урок!!! Ciro,спасибо Вам!!!..

  39. joan says:

    such a fabulous tip

  40. mahdi says:

    so nice tutorial

  41. Natalia says:

    super trick, thank you very much!:)

  42. barjes alsakran says:

    very wonderful

  43. akbar says:

    Bravoooooooo, Bellisimo,
    Merci beacoup, Gracious 🙂

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