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Photoshop Plugin: Strada 3d

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plugin photoshopIf you think that working with 3d models is only for expert users, able to use very sophisticated software like 3d studio max, maya or something like that… you are wrong!

It’s finishing the time for super smart guys using complex parameters to render wonderful images… because more and more often new softwares are appearing: softwares very simple can help you to create and integrate 3d object using Photoshop Plugins!

After the plugin “Enzo” it’s time to know Strada 3d!

Now you can have the Power of Strata tools working directly with Photoshop. With the new Strata 3D[in] plug-ins you can:

  • Match 3D Objects to Photographs
  • Build and Edit 3D Layers
  • Render Photoreal 3D Layers
  • Create a 3D Object from Photos
  • Generate Live 3D Web and PDF pages from Photoshop Layouts

The official site is very informative and you can find many videotutorials explaining all the features of this useful Photoshop Plugin.

Specificly the products are three:

  • Strata Foto 3D in
  • Strata Design 3D in
  • Strata Live 3D in

Each one responds to specificly needs… Each pack costs 149$: it’s good if you think about the possibilities… and now… ehm… sorry.. I’m going to try the demo!!!

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Good software

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