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Photoshop Tutorial: Add color using curves

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How to add color to grayscale photos using curves in Adobe Photoshop?

Would you like turn your blac&white photo into Coloured one? Ok Let’s start with this nice tutorial:

STEP 1 : Clean up the image as best as you can (remove scratches, dust, etc..)

STEP 2 : Convert the image in CMYK – This is an important step

STEP 3 : Make a selection of an area using quick selection or any other tool you prefer. Each part of the portrait will have a separate mask (skin, hair, lips.. ect..)

STEP 4 : Nopw create an adjustment Layer

STEP 5 : Fix some discoloured outline using the Blur filter

I tried this method with some pics of mine and the results looked very, very good!

Consider my text above as a memorandum and see the video below to watch how to do that! Enjoy it!!

Special thanks to Kainoa03 for this tutorial!

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2 Responses

  1. pixel says:

    Great tutorial, I just don’t agree with the last part with the gaussian blur on masks. Quick but not accurate at all !

  2. vivek says:

    i like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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