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Next Limit: Real Flow 4.3 Released!

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Next Limit Technologies announces that a new update of RealFlow4 (version 4.3) has been released. This is an important update and more than just a bug fix; there are several new and improved features:

  • The stacking procedure in the rigid body solver is now up to 4 times faster, is more stable, and several problems relating to increase of energy during the process have been solved. There is also more stability with constraints in collision, and a new scripting function to detect collision between keyframed rigid bodies. The spline emitter and daemon emitter manipulation have also been improved
  • A new tool has been added to reset the transformation matrix of a node. It is a shortcut of setting the position, rotation and angles of the node to their initial values.
  • A new tool has been added to reset the transformation matrix of an object, whilst preserving the vertices at their current positions.
  • A new command line option “-reset” has been added. When this option is enabled the scene is reset before the simulation.
  • A new system script from Mark Stasiuk at Fusion CI Studios has been incorporated to normalize the age of the particles. This script will re-set the ages of particles from absolute values (seconds) to normalized values (0 at birth to 1 at death). Normalized age is the standard input for particle rendering in 3D packages.
  • Several environment variables have been added to improve and smooth the integration of RealFlow in company pipelines.
  • The functionality of OBJ files has been improved in this version to make axis conversions, needed to keep the geometry unchanged under different axis setup.

Some other interesting informations about RealFlow:Cinema 4D Plugin

Technologies is also happy to announce that an updated version of the Cinema4D plug-in for both Windows and Mac is now available for download. The plug-in is compatible with versions 8.5, 9.6 and 10 for Windows and 8.5ppc, 9.5ppc, 9.6ub and 10ub for Mac.

Improved RealFlow 4 Website

For further details of the new features, improvements, and a full bug fix list, please download the release notes from the RF4 download area…. and you’ll notice that the official site – RealFlow – has been revised and revamped completely.

Enjoy it!

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