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Testing Reactor with some poor Biped!

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Yes, these purple figures are poors Biped, used as a guines pig, testing Reactor parameters: watch the fun video!

To be precise it’s not a Biped you can find in Character animation 3ds module, but it’s a Ragdoll of Cat animation toolkit.

I found this video some month ago and I would to propose it: very, very amazing. But how could you realise that? Simple: just learn Reactor, lol.

If you already tried to use Reactor to simule clothes I’m sure that you thinking Reactor is too complicated: too parameters, too options… you’re right! In fact to simulate clothes I suggest other oriented plugins like Simcloth: it works fine and it’s free.

With Reactor you can create a lot of dynamics, include all about cars and wheels. If you are thinking to learn Reactor here some interesting links:

  • Reactor tutorials – Tutorialized.com
  • Reactor videotutorial: Covered topics –> Rigid-Body, Soft-Body, Cloth, Wind, Water (Italian)
  • Reactor Basic – 3dkingdom.com
  • 3d Studio max Official Guide!
  • Don’t forget that the expert in Dynamics simulations is an important professional figure.

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