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Maxwell Render: 1500 x 1 material bargain!

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Maxwell Render
Today I received this email from Maxwell Render Staff:

<< Today is a special day – the birthday of James Clerk Maxwell, the father of modern physics.

This calls for celebration, and therefore we have organized the Maxwell Render 1500 x 1 material bargain. All you have to do is upload a single valid material to the MXM Gallery, and you will automatically receive an email with a link to download 1500 existing MXM materials at once! The 1500 x 1 bargain will last for one week only, and it starts today on June 13, 2007. The offer ends on June 20, 2007. >>

I think this is a very interesting opportunity to give something (just 1 meterial) to the Maxwell Render community… and download a ton of Shader/materials!!

So, get to work, be original, and upload ONE MXM material!

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