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Realistic grass with Vray Fur

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In the last file I showed you how to set VrayDisplacement to obtain realistic grass or carpets. It’s a good solution for middle camera shots.

But how can do if your grass is really near to the camera? You need more details to obtain a realistic render, so it’s time to use Vray Fur!

if you need more information about V-ray fur you could have a look to the official V-ray guide: Vray Fur.

If you need same nice tutorial to understand how to create a grass with vray fur have a look here: Vray Fur tutorial

If you want a very nice scene (xp Style!) to just clic “render”…  download my gift!

Free Scene: Grass with Vray Fur

[ 3ds 8 – vray 1.5 ]

/ Also Learn Corona Renderer

15 Responses

  1. Pedro Prasil says:

    Hey, I’ve see this link in Evermotion, and I enjoy it a lot.
    I didn’t know this plug-in, do u believe? And few days ago, I was trying to create grass using particle systems in a non-uniform plane, aff!!!
    Now I know how to do, thanks a lot,

  2. lytk says:

    thanks for your instruction, it’s help me to save my time much!

  3. Andrew A says:

    Is there a Vray fur for Rhino?

  4. alfin says:

    thx man..i neeed this one..

  5. naseer says:

    thank sir my is naseer i am a 3damx operator

  6. cláudio says:

    Is there any way to apply some wind to this?

  7. Skyrill says:

    thanks a lot, was waiting for this for some time, will check it out now 🙂

  8. Bhupinder Singh says:

    Thanks a lot , can u tell me about vray plants

  9. meenu says:

    I received the both of tutorials Its Really too good & thank you very much. can you help me more—- You know i want to improve my architecture rendering- look like professional architect render image or realistic water pool rendering
    But again thanks for these tutorials
    (realistic grass or how to reduce
    render time.)

  10. rooha says:

    tanks alot!

  11. Thank,s a lot Ciro Cannino, you’re explainantion is very helpfull to me

  12. mahdi says:

    Hi ciro.
    nice trick and so helpful to me.

  13. Bani says:

    you are my hero Sir………THANXX ALOOOOT

  14. Pitter says:

    Haya dear Ciro
    I just wanna thank you for everything.
    your fan.

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