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Vray sun: template scene #1

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I think Vray sun it’s the most important new feature in vray 1.5 but maybe it’s hard to set at the beginning.

But now your troubles are finished: you can download here my free Vray sun scene already setted. The result you will see clicking on Rendering botton will be the same you see in the in the image on the left!

I used Vray Low settings: this kind of setting are fast and nice, the best one to try your scene.

Here same information about the scene parameters:

N° of lights_ 1
Vray Sun intensity_ 0,1
Color Mapping_ HSV Esponential (1-1-1)
GI Enviroment _ Skylight (1.0)
Time to render_ 68″ (640×480)


Download now :: Vraysun template scene 1
[ Software: 3d studio 8 + Vray 1.5]

Thanks to Bittbox.com beacause he inspired me to create free files to download. I also invite you to discover this excellent blog, riches of good contents!

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26 Responses

  1. adrian says:

    I’ve just finished download the template but i haven’t test it yet. The important thing is, huge thanks for giving such a nice attention to participate in vray on the web. I’m not an expert on this field yet, but im tryin to get into. This kind of information mean something for me because i learn most of ’em from the guys on the internet. So, thanks for being generous..

  2. Fernando says:

    Thank you from Brasil. This scene will be very important for me to learn.

  3. Mufeed says:

    I like it. Thank you.

  4. cokee says:

    I hate to check first.

  5. Jason says:

    Hands on examples are definitely the best. Thanks!

  6. vitvitvit says:


  7. omar says:

    m from middle east. just downloaded it. thank you very much!
    u just made my studying much easier!

  8. admin says:

    Hello Omar… nice to read you! You’re welcome!!

  9. Cookiepus says:

    Are you sure you scene works in Max 8 with Vray 1.5?
    Thats what i have, when i open the scene the vray camera view is empty.
    when i move the camera i can’t get it to display anything in the viewport.
    If i render another view or create a new vray camera the render comes out a strange washed out blue.
    Maybe i need Max 9?

  10. PJ says:

    Great scene thanks a lot. One question, how can I produce a haze/fog on the horizon to give it a sense of depth, maybe add a few mountains in the distance using max & vray only. This will really boost the scene to truly realistic

  11. Mohamed says:

    hello! i’m from Morocco and i say thank you for your giving, its cery helpfull for my studies!!!

  12. rc.wall says:

    thank you
    thank you

  13. Stuart says:

    WOW! amazing, thank you so much, ive lots from you and you dont even know it 😉

  14. luki says:

    how to make shadows softer using vray sun?

  15. luki says:

    and second question, how to make shadows ligter? In the scene they are too dark for many situations.

  16. ramie says:

    hi,I am from india thankyou very much for the info,,really really helped me alot 🙂

  17. Thomas says:

    Hi, Great job on the file. I am using a Vray sun system I have created myslef to light a very large scene. However the edges of my scene are dark, ie it seems to have a spotlight effect. I thought sun size multiplyer would help, however no joy. Can anyone help?

    Cheers in advance

  18. DangHieu says:

    Thank so much, it really useful with me – a beginer in Vray render…

  19. mohamed says:

    thank you very very mach

  20. mahibul says:

    video tutorial nead

  21. sielgaudis says:

    Thank you so mach!

  22. ruturaj says:



  23. Pradeep says:

    Hey Thanks a lottt
    i was really banging my head with the vray sun….your scene is really good and very fast for rendering also…the big problem i was doing is that my scene was TOO BIG and i had to scale it down almost 50 times.
    the Sky results are really AWESOME

  24. hs khan says:

    thank you so much for ur kind support to us begginers.

  25. archiabdou says:

    Vray exterior: download setted scene

  26. mahdi says:

    thank you very much..it’s big step for me 🙂

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