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Vray Rusty metal shader – Free

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I played with Vray shader options and I realized a Rusty metal shader.

I would to share it with you!

I used Blend shader to mix to different material: metal chrome and rusty surface. Metal chrome has a simple setting (reflection 100%) as a mirror. Rusty material has a texture a little bit bumped by itself. Finally I have 1 texture I use to mix them.

I hope you like that… Suggestions and comments are very welcome. The result is the same you are viewing in this image. The scene contains light and rendering settings too.

download.gif Download now :: Vray Rusty Metal shader
[ Software 3d studio 8 – Vray 1.47 or higher ]

One Response

  1. John Chen says:

    This looks promising, I’m going to give this a try when I get home.

    Thank you!

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