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How to model a tiled roof with 3ds max

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Neox, an user from (italian forum), realized a videotutorial showing step by step how to model a tiled roof with 3ds max.
Modeling this kind of Roof is a very annoying thing, becouse in order to abtain a beautiful model you have to model tile by tile and you can’t use bump mapping or Displacement to obtain a good result.

In these 2 videotutorial you can see how to model one single tile (with a simple box + ben modifier) and how to put the tiles in a roof (Array function).

In the 2° brief videotutorial, you can see how to use Multires modifier to control polygon reduction without lose a good quality model.

Even if the forum is italian the videoturial are international… without speaker, just enjoy seeing it!

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    thanks you i looking forward for this

  3. batzal roof designer plugin is also very good for moulding

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    t.h .u

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