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Videotutorial nPower Tools

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There’s no doubts: Modeling Nurbs is the best solution if you are going to model objects, especially all objects made by industrial production.

I don’t know how many times did you try to model a cell phone, usb pen, ipod or something like that. There are many sinouos surfaces and smoothed edge! I watched around the web many tutorials and videotutorials to learn how to model edges using poligonal modeling.

In spite of everything I think this method it’s not the best one. And I’m sure you will think the same after you will see how nPower tool works!

nPower has so powerful tools to manage Nurbs that you will love to model nurbs surfaces. (I know you hate nurbs!

I was strucked by “Fillet” option: Very powerful and flexible. Selecting an edge you can choose its fillet value, and if you change this parameter you can see smoothed edge changing realtime in the viewport!

nPower Videotutorial

Another thing very, very interesting: There are many videotutorials to learn Npower tools on the official site! When I met Npower Tools for the first time there was just one video tutorial “modeling a Camera”… but actually there are much, much videos to fall in love with Npower tools!

In Advanced Construction Tutorials I especially suggest to watch:

For more details:

Enjoy it!

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