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Rendered without Global illumination

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no gi (Click to magnify )

Now is easier setting a 3d scene: we can use Global illumination or same Un-Biased engine render like Maxwell render or Indingo. But in the past, when PCs was not so powerful we was used to render with scanline or something like that.

Why actually anybody use these old render engines? Maybe we love super excellent quality… sure! But we can obtain hi quality render with old technics!

If you know classic “real” lighting technic and you work with fine with photoshop you could have a great render in few minutes… or seconds!

I’m really impressed by an image found on Cg Society: look that and tell me what do you think!

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One Response

  1. Johny says:

    That man is awesome. Max 4 and default scanline and he came up with that result, amazing. He renders by brain and his high postprocessing skill rather than the renderer itself, so he not limited by it. But it’s quite painful to be able do that nowaday. Anyway, he’s great!

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