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Vraysun and Vraysky setting tutorial

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vray sun sky

If you want to understand better how to set the new vray plugins: vraysun and vraysky please read the following tutorials. They are in Spanish language but very easy to undestand. There are many images to explain the concepts.

Official examples by Chaosgroup
Vraysun and vraysky settings

Tutorial by Neozenit from 3dsymax.org

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10 Responses

  1. robert says:

    hii. can give me,step for realistic rendering with vray light. thanks so much. please reply

  2. Mohamed says:

    ur shared tutos are very helpfull!! i dunno how to say thanks !

  3. eric says:

    hola nesesito aprende a hacer grama real aver si me pueden ayudar
    gracias .

  4. iLcapitano says:

    wow..i am so impressed, really nice rendering..could you tell me how to make it? please reply me 😉

  5. cám ơn vì đã cho anh em học tập !
    thanks for share !

  6. Tony Stark says:

    Dear iLcapitano. It works if you just watch pictures and set the light correctly on the scene. That’s it. Hope you worked it out since 2007 😉

  7. Sadinoel says:

    Con Vray 2010, funciona bien esta explicación. Salvo que se puede sustituir Quasi-Monte Carlo por Brute force.

  8. rooha says:

    veryyyyyyy good.its so helpful.really thanks.

  9. enzo says:

    i link ai siti non sono piu collegati…

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