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BLUE VILLA – Full Training

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All contents for this Interactive Course:

Relevant topics covered:

  • 3 lessons designed by a V-Ray Licensed Instructor®
  • 1h 20mins narrated HD Videos
  • Complete with files and V-Ray settings
  • Analisys of the light contributes
  • How to use V-Ray IES as primary light
  • Use V-Ray Dome and Plane
  • Create the correct light hierarchy
  • Why use exponential color mapping + VFB
  • Professional workflow: lighting 1 by 1
  • Fix overlapped faces
  • Fix Light Cache imperfections
  • V-Ray IES and V-Ray Light Materials
  • How V-Ray Light Materials works
  • Compesate exposure
  • Simulate water pool
  • Increase reflections with IOR
  • Lights underwater
  • Affect Shadows option
  • Create a reflection map form the diffuse
  • How reflection maps work
  • What is ExtraTex channel
  • How to use it for Ambien Occlusion pass
  • Improve irradiance map and light cache
  • What is “noise threshold” for final renders
  • Composite AO with photoshop
  • Add flares effects

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