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5SRW Training Format


Every training is divided in 3 lessons:

LES#1: About Shot (step-1) and Light Balance (Step-2)
Show some principle you used about photographic composition and show the light balance.

LES#2: About V-Ray Materials (Step-3)
Choose just 2 (max 3) materials with something interesting to talk about.

LES#3: About Final Render (step-4) and especially Post Production (Step-5)
Final render has standard parameters. Show details if you have some problem to fix and show in video your post production technique.




– Text: Create an introduction to the lesson and highlight something important you’ll explain in the video OR something you won’t explain in the video but you think is important to know.

– Video (around 15′) : Explain the process for the step(s) you’re talking about

– Concepts: resume in points all concepts expressed in the video

– Exercise: Give START Max file to let users try what you teach. Give FINAL Max file to let users check your settings.

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