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One of must important things to create a good scene and a good render is light settings. You need a good idea also, there are key elements to be considered in a composition (weight, color, shot) for obtaining a good Rendering ...but here I'm going to give you something about light settings!

rendering lights That's not a tutorial, even if you could consider it so! In this page I will give you 3 files.

There are 3 different scenes about 3 different situations: to render Exterior, render interiors and render objects. They are not refined scenes but you can use them as a start point or just to see a method to set Vray parameters.

Click to see the scenes READY TO RENDER>

interior scene render exterior scene render object scene render


General table: Vray settings

  Interior Exteriors Objects
N° of lights 5 1 9
V-ray light intensity (average) 7,5 - 6
Direct light intensity (sun) 1 1 -
Color Mapping (dark, bright) Exponential (2.5 - 2.5) Linear (1 - 1) Exponential (2 - 2)
GI environment - Skylight (0,7) Hdri
Time to render (640 x 480) 200" 80" 136"

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Wrote by Ciro Sannino

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